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Carrollton Central Air Conditioning Service

In the mid-1800s when Carrollton, Texas, was being settled, people came for the opportunities the American West offered – land, jobs, excitement. They got the heat as a bonus.

Back then, there was no central air conditioning, other than opening windows to let the warm southerly winds pass through. That made it easy to hear all the trains coming and going, for Carrollton grew up with the railroad. In the late 1800s the city became known as a shipping center for cattle, cotton and grain.

The railroads still are a vital part of Carrollton’s commerce. In fact, we located the Mascot Mechanical warehouse in Carrollton near the tracks so we could get fast delivery service of bulky HVAC equipment.

Central Air Repair Service

The heat is still a big part of Carrollton, too. During June, July and August, temperatures run in the mid-to-low 90s, and we average about 20 days of 100 degrees or more (the record is 71 days). May and September are only slightly cooler, which means central air systems run day and night for five months or more every year!

That makes Carrollton something of a central air conditioning repair center, too. Since we established Mascot Mechanical here we have installed and serviced thousands of central heating and air conditioning systems in homes throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

Our experience led us to develop our popular CARE Plan maintenance agreement. The average air conditioning system lasts only 8-10 years in this harsh climate, but CARE Plan helps you get more years of good service from them.

CARE Plan Saves You Money

For years people paid $79 per central air AND heating system for annual maintenance. That is $79 for air conditioning and $79 for heater service each year. If you have more than one central HVAC system, as most of our clients do, add in those costs.

But with the CARE Plan, we will tune up ALL central air systems in the spring to get them ready for summer, and ALL central heating equipment in the fall, to keep you warm on our sub-freezing winter nights.

You’ll save hundreds in tune up costs alone, not to mention the money you will save on lower utility bills and getting longer life from your equipment.

Central Air Installation

Sooner or later you will have to replace older equipment, which is when you need to call Mascot Mechanical. We have designed and installed thousands of central HVAC systems. To help you know when to make that call, we developed a special report you can download for free, titled “Repair or Replace? How to Get the Most from Your Air Conditioning System.”

We also offer extremely attractive financing. Many of our clients find it is less expensive to upgrade their existing equipment than to continue repairing it because the cost of new equipment is offset by dramatically lower operating costs.

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