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Air Conditioning Service in Coppell, Texas

Air conditioning for Coppell is like water for a boat – you need air conditioning just to stay afloat in the hot, humid North Texas summers.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Today’s air conditioning equipment is high-tech that provides low operating costs – about 50% lower than the equipment newer than most people have in their homes now. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) is the industry’s yardstick for measuring air conditioner efficiency.

Since 2006 the minimum rating for equipment sold in the USA has been 13 SEER, with Energy Star high efficiency designations beginning at 14 SEER. Nearly all Mascot Mechanical clients select 16 SEER as the best way to optimize both of operating and acquisition costs – and get long lasting value.

People in Coppell and the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area trust Mascot Mechanical for air conditioning advice because have installed thousands of units in new and remodeled homes over the past decade. We install only to local code and Energy Star standards.

AC Tune Ups for Longer Life

We highly recommend annual tune ups on your central air conditioning and heating equipment, regardless of age. Our technicians make a thorough inspection of all systems and set them to run at factory specifications. You not only get lower utility bills (usually about 30% lower than non-tuned), the equipment will last longer because it won’t have to run as much just to keep up.

Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan

The Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan offers our clients the absolute best value for annual rune ups. For $129 for 1st unit ($70 each additional unit) per year, we will tune up your air conditioning equipment in the spring AND your heater in the fall.

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