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It gets hot in Dallas. Air conditioning wasn’t invented here, but it could have been. Without it, all this might have happened in Duluth.

Dallas averages 18 days each year with temperatures of 100 degrees or more, including the record of 71 days in 2011. For nearly half the year temperatures run in the high 80s and 90s. Your air conditioner has to work or you can’t

Annual AC Tune Ups

To get the most from your air conditioning here you need anual AC tune ups. Mascot Mechanical HVAC technicians thoroughly inspect all components and set them to run at factory specifications.

You get lower utility bills (usually about 30% lower than non-tuned) and the equipment will last longer because it won’t have to run as much just to keep up.

Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan

The Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan offers the absolute best value for annual tune ups. One payment of $129 for the first unit and $70 for each additional unit. Our CARE Plan will save you money on maintenance costs, and you continue to save all year with lower operating costs.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

A word about efficiency: Today’s high efficiency air conditioning equipment costs up to 50% less to run than the equipment most people have in their homes now. It costs far less to operate, which saves you big money on electric bills, and it lasts longer because it doesn’t have to run as much.

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Dallas Fun Facts

It’s hard to say something about Dallas that hasn’t already been said, but here are some lesser-known tidbits from the Dallas Visitors and Convention Bureau:

  • The integrated circuit computer chip, which became the microchip, was invented here in 1958
  • The Dallas Public Library has one of the original copies of the US Declaration of Independence on permanent display
  • It is the largest metropolitan area in the USA not on a navigable body of water
  • 7-11, the first convenience store, started here and is still headquartered here
  • The frozen margarita machine was invented here (when will we see Big Gulp margaritas?)

Dallas grew with the oil and cotton industries, helped along by its becoming a rail, highway and air transportation center for the nation. Today, it is home to more Fortune 500 companies than all cities except New York and Houston.

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