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Furnace Service and Safety Inspections in Frisco, Texas

We don’t have glaciers in Frisco, Texas, but it gets cold enough here to make furnace service important – for comfort and safety. Temperatures in the 40s and 50s are common from October through March, and temperatures in the teens aren’t unheard of.

That means we can’t afford to take our furnaces and heaters for granted. Like central air conditioning, heating systems need annual tune ups and inspections to keep them running efficiently and safely. “Safely” is the operative word.

Unlike central air conditioning tune ups, furnace tune ups include checking for problems that could let dangerous carbon monoxide circulate throughout your home, causing illness and even death. As part of our 14-point inspection we look for cracks in the heat exchanger, and for dirt build up that could cause incomplete combustion.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Your HVAC system also cools your home in summer, so we keep an eye on your AC equipment, too. The best way to keep your whole HVAC system running at top efficiency (which saves you a lot of money on utility bills) is to have regular tune ups.

The best way to ensure that your equipment gets the attention it requires, spring and fall, is with the Call Mascot Mechanical Now!.

CARE plan members pay one low, flat rate for fall furnace service and spring AC tune ups. We will call you when it’s time for service and then service as many central air and heating systems as you have in your home (most of our clients have two or three systems).

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