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Highland Park Air Conditioning

Driving Highland Park’s tree-lined streets is like a stroll through a gallery, with each street a work of art. A band of Texas Rangers saw its natural beauty in 1837, when they camped by the “creek with all the turtles” while on a scouting mission.

That creek name was shortened to Turtle Creek, and it remains a spot of idyllic beauty today. The name Highland Park was derived from its elevated position overlooking downtown Dallas, about three miles to the south.

True to its name, the town boasts numerous parks that offer a pleasant respite on warm spring days. But when it gets Dallas hot, people here count on their trusty air conditioning to keep them cool.

Mascot Mechanical is proud to serve Highland Park and neighboring cities, including Dallas and University Park. We know the demands placed on central air conditioning systems that have to run more than half the year.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Today’s high efficiency air conditioning equipment costs up to 50% less to run than the equipment most people have in their homes now. Equipment rated at 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) or higher qualifies for an Energy Star high efficiency rating.

SEER ratings now go to into the 20s, but most people who balance installation and operating costs choose 16 SEER for remodeling and new home construction.

Remodeling and New Construction Specialists

Mascot Mechanical has installed thousands of central air conditioning and heating systems throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex over the past decade. We work closely with builders and architects to design and install systems matched to the precise requirements of the building. In Highland Park and other locations, we install only to local code and Energy Star standards

Get More Years with Regular AC Tune Ups

Like all mechanical equipment, central HVAC systems require routine maintenance to keep them running at top efficiency. Regular maintenance holds down operating costs because your equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, which also helps you get more years of service. Most homeowners save more in utility bills than the cost of the tune up! Find out more about AC tune ups now.

Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan

Better yet, get the Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan.  For $120 for 1st unit ($70 each additional unit), we will tune up your air conditioning equipment in the spring AND your heater in the fall. You save hundreds of dollars on tune up costs alone, plus you get lower operating costs and longer equipment life.

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