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Lewisville traces its origins to an 1841 Republic of Texas land grant to the Texas Emigration and Land Company for settlers coming from Missouri. Originally known as the Holford Prairie Settlement, Basdeal Lewis bought the land in 1855 and laid out a city he named for himself.

The town attracted the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) railroad in the early 1880s, which advanced steady growth in agricultural industries. In 1925 the city incorporated and continued to evolve a strong, diversified economy, further enhanced by completion of the Garza-Little Elm in 1954 dam that created Lewisville Lake.

Today, US Census data shows Lewisville to be one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, with a population just short of 100,000. A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has remained constant – the heat.

Six Months of Air Conditioning

By the end of April most folks here turn on their air conditioning and leave it on into October. Average temperatures in June, July and August are in the 90s and not far from that the months before and after. Each year we have about 18-20 days of triple-digit temperatures (the record was 71 days in 2011!).

To be fair, it also gets cold in Lewisville, with temperatures in the 40s in late fall and winter, often dipping into the 20s and 30s. The extra cold winter of 2013-2014 brought more than 60 different freezes.

Hard on Total HVAC Systems

That means in Lewisville HVAC systems work hard year around. Fortunately, Mascot Mechanical provides year around maintenance that features AC tune ups in the spring and heater tune ups in the fall to keep things running safely and efficiently.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect all systems and set them to factory specifications. You not only get lower utility bills (usually about 30% lower than non-tuned), your HVAC equipment will last longer because it won’t have to run as much.

Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan

The Mascot Mechanical CARE Plan offers you a great value for these annual tune ups – at a substantial discount. We will tune up your air conditioning equipment in the spring AND your heaters in the fall – no matter how many central HVAC systems your home has!

Considering the regular price of a tune up on each AC and each heater is $79, you save big time. If you have two central HVAC systems you would pay $79 for each air conditioner and $79 for each heater – a total of $316.

Still more savings – your equipment will run more efficiently, which will reduce your utility bills, and it will last longer because it won’t have to work as much.

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