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Richardson boasts some of the biggest and best names in business, including Metro PCS, AT&T, Ericsson, Fossil, Lennox International, Verizon, Bank of America – and Mascot Mechanical. Long known for its Telecom Corridor, Richardson also is known for really hot North Texas summers and seriously cold winters. That’s where we come in.

Complete HVAC Services

Because we have installed thousands of central HVAC systems in Richardson and other North Texas homes, we know what it takes to keep them running at peak efficiency. From triple-digit, fry-eggs-on-the-sidewalk summers to sub-freezing winter nights, Mascot Mechanical has you covered.

We specialize in saving you money on utility bills and repairs through our incredible CARE Plan – a flat-priced maintenance agreement that provides annual service on ALL the central HVAC systems in your home, no matter how many you have (most clients have two or three).

You get a spring tune up on your central air conditioning and a fall tune up on your heating system to keep your equipment running as close to factory specifications as its age will permit.M

Time to Replace Your Current HVAC System?

No matter how well you maintain your HVAC equipment, sooner or later it will be more economical to replace it with new, high-efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment. Most people find it actually costs them less to get new equipment because of the money they save on utility bills.

Mascot Mechanical specializes in design and installation of systems for remodeling and new construction. Our ongoing work with leading builders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area helps us make certain YOUR installation is the best it can possibly be.

Clean Air Experts

Because indoor air quality is so important to your family’s health and comfort we offer a full line of equipment to make your air fresher than all outdoors – humidifiers, electrostatic and UV light air cleaners, filtration systems, carbon monoxide alarms and WiFi thermostats – that complement your heating and air conditioning systems.

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