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Mascot Mechanical Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An annual AC tune up is the key to getting more years and better performance from your air conditioning equipment. We know that, and you know that, but a surprising number of people don’t, so perhaps you can help us spread the word.

Air conditioners run longer and harder in North Texas – about 7-8 months per year – than most places in the USA. All the while, the refrigerant in you air conditioner is turning from liquid into gas and back again, over and over.

As warm air in your home passes over the cooled coils inside the home, the refrigerant expands and absorbs heat from the air, letting it pass back into your living space much cooler. Outside, the compressor turns the refrigerant back to a liquid state, expels the hot air, and the process repeats continuously.

Things Wear Out

The refrigerant isn’t the only thing moving. The blower operates all the while your system is cooling, and some are designed to run continuously. There is dust moving in the air, settling and collecting on the cooling coils, causing them to work inefficiently.

When the system runs almost continuously in our 100-degree weather, ice often builds up on the condenser and melts. The run-off goes into a drip pan and is carried off by a drain tube. If algae builds up in the drain tube the pan can overflow and cause water damage.

Dirt also builds up on the compressor (outside unit), which should be flushed to remove dirt from the louvers. As the system runs, it vibrates, which can cause electrical connections to fail, or cords to wear out. Circuit cards and other electrical parts also wear out from near-continuous use.

Annual Maintenance a Must

Your air conditioning system is precision equipment – and it is expensive. It only makes good sense to maintain it as you would any other equipment you count on to maintain your comfort and safety.

Most of the things trained air conditioning technicians do during an AC tune up aren’t things you can, or should, do yourself. Professionals have the tools, the knowledge, the training and experience to get the job done right. They will set your equipment to run at factory specifications, or as close to them as its age will allow.

The price you pay for an AC tune up comes back to you – and then some – over the course of the hot weather season in the form of lower energy bills. It comes back to you even more by extending the life of your equipment. Trained air conditioning technicians know what to look for; they usually have with them any parts they need to make repairs, or can get them quickly.

Schedule Your AC Tune Up

Now is the time to schedule your annual AC tune up. If you’re in North Dallas or Collin County, we hope you will contact Mascot Mechanical, or call us at 469-854-8667.


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