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If your air conditioning quits working in Dallas and northern areas like Allen, McKinney, Frisco or Plano, you’d be better off living in a cave. At least you’d be cooler. Mascot Mechanical will make sure you don’t have to find a cave. We can take care of all your central air needs – scheduled maintenance, air quality, air conditioning repair and replacement Mascot offers full service for all your needs .

Many home owners discover equipment that can keep working well for 12-to-15 years in cooler climates may last only 8-to-10 years in the Greater Dallas area.

But if you have regular air conditioning maintenance to catch small problems before they become big, expensive ones, you win two ways: you’ll use less electricity, and your equipment will last longer. We typically improve performance by at least 30%.

Use Mascot’s CARE service agreement to make sure you get routine checkups and full tune up service each year. We will set your central air units to factory specs to keep them running like new for years.

Great News: Instead of paying $79 per system for a tune up each year, Mascot Mechanical will tune up all central air conditioning systems in your home for one guaranteed flat price of $129 for the first system and then $70 for each additional system.

Call us today at 469-854-8667 or contact us online now to get this unbeatable air conditioning maintenance protection.

Air conditioning repair can be expensive– but not if you have Mascot in your corner. We will make certain you get top efficiency from your equipment so you can keep electric bills to the absolute minimum, whether your equipment is brand new or has a few years on it.

The absolute best investment you can make in your central air system is our CARE Plan service agreement. With the CARE Plan’s twice-a-year visits (spring and fall) to keep your AC and heating systems in top working order, so they will run less often and last longer.

But from time to time you will need something more than a tune up. Capacitors or fan motors may go out, or the coolant lines may develop a leak. When you need an air conditioning repair, Mascot Mechanical will dispatch a highly trained air conditioning specialist to your home fast.

We service all makes and models, and we carry a big parts inventory so we can make repairs on the spot.

Call us at 469-854-8667 for fast, professional AC repair service, or contact us online.

Air conditioning replacement is a big decision because of the expense involved. Before you find yourself asking “Repair or Replace?” here are some things to consider.

Maintenance History – How well has your equipment has been maintained? If you have had annual maintenance and needed only occasional repairs, chances are good you can get additional service from your AC system. If you’ve had maintenance problems, consider replacing now.

Equipment Age – If you live in or around the Dallas / Fort Worth areas and your central air equipment is 8-10 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacement. Beyond 10 years, even the best maintained systems are on borrowed time.

Efficiency/SEER Rating – Since January 2006 the minimum SEER value for AC equipment sold in the USA is 13 SEER. Ratings of 14 or 16 SEER are more commonly installed now. The higher the number, the more efficient it is, and the less it costs to operate. As systems age, they often operate at less than half their original efficiency. By upgrading to high efficiency equipment you can save up to 50% or more on electric bills.

Financing – Money is always a consideration, but there’s no need to let it be the deciding factor. Mascot Mechanical offers a full range of financing options to help you get the new equipment you really want.

For a more detailed analysis, ask for our “Repair or Replace?” Free Action Guide by callin Mascot Mechanical at 469-854-8667, or contact us online now.

Indoor air quality is a bigger problem than most people realize. Mold, mildew, dust mites, combustion byproducts and vapors from paints and cleaning compounds can be present all the time, combined with dust and pollen that comes in through open doors.

Your HVAC system is designed to mix in cleaner outdoor air and trap pollutants as they circulate. But don’t count on paper-thin discount store filters to do the job.

Mascot Mechanical offers a full range of options to improve indoor air quality, including air cleaners that trap smoke and dust particles as small as 1 micron, which pass through ordinary filtering systems.

Whole-house humidifiers add moisture to dry winter air to dramatically reduce static electricity, dry skin and respiratory ailments. Often in hot areas like Dallas, where air conditioners run hard more than half the year, excessive moisture can build up, causing mold and mildew. We can install UV lights to stop them, instead of blowing them through your home over and over.

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