Mascot Mechanical Central Air TuneUp


The people who put off air conditioning service until they know they have a problem may be the same ones who never take their cars in for a tune up. But could you drive your car more than 200,000 miles without expecting to change the oil? Your central air system does the equivalent of more than 200,000 miles every year, while running about 3,300 hours. Some people go several years without having an air conditioning tune up, trying to save money, but they actually spend more in the long run.

Have Mascot Mechanical’s skilled HVAC technicians keep your central air systems running at or near factory specifications. When your equipment runs efficiently it doesn’t have to run as long or as often to keep your home cool, so you use less electricity.

You save on repair costs, too. We often find small problems that we can fix inexpensively, before they become big problems. For example, a small refrigerant leak can be repaired quickly and affordably, if found early.

NOTE: Freon (R22), the refrigerant used in older systems, is being phased out of production, per law. As a result, the price of Freon is rising rapidly, sometimes tripling in a year’s time. Freon leaks can be very expensive if not detected early.

If a leak is not detected, the coolant will escape and your compressor could overheat and seize up. When you compare the compressor replacement cost of $1,000 or more to our tune up price, the preventive air conditioning service is much less expensive. (For an even better deal, see the CARE plan tab below.)

Mascot Mechanical’s 17-point AC tune up will have your central air system running like new. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Check operating pressure for proper refrigerant charge
  2. Clean and inspect drain lines
  3. Check and clean condenser coil
  4. Install algae tablets
  5. Check inside cooling coil, if accessible
  6. Monitor air conditioning cycle and adjust blower components
  7. Lubricate all applicable moving parts
  8. Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors
  9. MFD on blower capacitor
  10. Check and tighten loose electrical connections
  11. Clean, calibrate and level thermostat
  12. Clean filters if needed
  13. Inspect integrity of duct system
  14. Inspect control wiring
  15. Inspect attic insulation for R value
  16. Inspect attic ventilation
  17. Check that all safety switches are working

To schedule your tune up and get on a regular schedule of preventive air conditioning service,
call us today at 469-854-8667, or contact us online now.

The Mascot Care Plan maintenance agreement- just $129 for the first system ($70 for each additional system) to tune up the central HVAC system.

The Mascot CARE plan is a fantastic bargain on price alone, but you get even more benefits, including priority service in case of emergency and discounts on parts, should you need any. It’s the best thing in preventive heating and air conditioning service.

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